Old Cape Quarter Sales Office

The unique and desirable new Old Cape Quarter development, comprising of 55 elegant units, will be located within the Old Cape Quarter Precinct, in the heart of De Waterkant Old Town.

Visit the OLD CAPE QUARTER SALES OFFICE at 13 Jarvis Street, De Waterkant (across from the Cape Quarter Lifestyle Village entrance).

View the impressive 3D MODEL OF THE OLD CAPE QUARTER DEVELOPMENT in the Cape Quarter Lifestyle Village Square

This 3D model is a realistic representation of the development once complete, and also contains the neighbouring buildings – 32 Napier and The Cape Quarter Lifestyle Centre - that form part of the
Old Cape Quarter Precinct.

With this remarkable opportunity available to property investors in De Waterkant, one of Cape Town's oldest and most alluring suburbs, investors can now visit the Sales Office in De Waterkant for more insight about this exceptional development as well as experienced area knowledge. The Sales Office is situated a mere 10m from the Old Cape Quarter Development, at 13 Jarvis Street in De Waterkant.

As De Waterkant stands apart from other city suburbs for its distinct and historical characteristics and vibrant, Old Town atmosphere, this new development will blend in well with the surrounding buildings, reflecting the classic, heritage elements of the beloved Old Cape Quarter and historical De Waterkant Village.

Close Up 3D Model of The Old Cape Quarter
Down the street 3D Model of Old Cape Quarter Development
Side View 3D Model of Old Cape Quarter Property Development
Full 3D Model of De Waterkant Property Development in Glass
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